Thursday, August 25, 2016


Continuing on our 2016 Montana trip- oh wait! But first, look at my throwback to my little buddy. My stubborn, question asking, book loving buddy.
So little! He starts second grade today. My goodness, my heart!
 Ok so back to Montana.
Look at these two dudes.
From the Flathead we went up to my family's other cabin for a reunion. No cell service for a few days means zero pictures. Still, I love going up to that cabin. It's crazy, there's so any of us and so many of our children, but everyone gets along and enjoys their time together. That's pretty special.  
From there we joined up with the Husband's family and went to their cabin for some more R and R. Hot spring soaks, gun shooting, a date, and a bear sighting were on the menu that week.
T-rex arms J.C.!
 Back to town from the mountains we wrapped up the Husband's time off with some fun adventures with the boys and then sent him home with our last storage unit full of junk. I stayed on a few days to soak up the last few days with my parents, family, and friends before heading back home to reality.
Any of my MT friends will know where this cookie came from and understand just why I had to take this picture and the utmost love I have for this place.
My dad and I rented kayaks one day and kayaked the Clark Fork for about two hours. It was really beautiful and fun-a little harrowing at times- but more fun than harrowing. Harrowing. That's a good word. I like it. 
Our last night in Montana we went to the Missoula Celtic Festival. The highlight was watching The Red Hot Chili Pipers (note Pipers not Peppers).
Gibby had a BLAST.
And then we started the drive back home. We stopped at a few places along the way to stretch our legs and prevent the crazies from grabbing hold. One of the visitor centers we went to was pretty amazing. I took a few pictures. I especially like the Code of the West that cowboys follow.
And then we were home.
And that was our summer time in Montana. 

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