Friday, August 12, 2016


July 1st arrived and we hit the road for Montana. Everyone was excited for a little break and some family time. We planned a two day road trip and stayed the first night in Billings with family and their fabulous home theater. The kids were in heaven watching Zootopia. Having a theater like this in on my list of home goals.
 After a very restful night (thanks Aunt Becky and Shelley!) we hit the road for our hometown of Great Falls. You can't be from Great Falls, go home to visit, and NOT have pizza and beer at Howard's Pizza. Duh.
I got to have breakfast with my grandpa at his new assisted living home. It was pretty swanky.
We had friends from Colorado Springs join us on July 3rd and the 4th of July festivities began with gusto. There was a night full of poppers, sparklers, smoke bombs and some big boomers toward the end. And this wasn't even the 4th of July!! 

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