Thursday, August 4, 2016


June was a whirlwind for us and very quickly the week of Gibby's birthday arrived.
My in-laws came to help us celebrate and we had a lovely time with family. True to form, we crammed as much into our schedule as we could. I love doing that!
The boys had some good quality time with their Mema and Papa.
Caderyn had a small swim meet and did fantastic. My in-laws were so excited to see him swim and he beat all three of his personal times. It was a pretty proud mom moment. He loves swimming. 
Later that night my mother-in-law and I decorated for the birthday boy. My tradition is they wake up to a decorated house and I love it, I hope they share my joy because I'm not going to stop. After decorating we wrapped his presents. Gabriel had been asking for months when it was going to be his birthday. Practically every day, "Is it my birthday yet? So we were relieved to finally start telling him that, yes, it was in fact his birthday. 
A sweet note from an older brother.
One very happy guy opening presents. 
For his birthday, Gibby requested his favorite "donies," so we went to our favorite donut joint, Amy's Donuts. Look at that picture! Doesn't he look so much older?  *Tear*
After breakfast, there was more present opening and then some lounging. 
When we asked Gibby what else he wanted to do for his birthday he answered, without hesitation, that he wanted to ride the rides. So off to Manitou we went and Gibby rode ALL the rides (of course we stopped for a beverage break in between).
After rides, we met some friends for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants-Springs Orleans- and enjoyed delicious food and a birthday serenade. I wasn't sure if Gibby would be all that thrilled with a beignet, but he actually loved it!
And just like that he was FOUR.

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