Tuesday, August 9, 2016


With our birthday celebrations over, we were left to anxiously await the Husband's return from Poland. We get some pretty serious and nasty storms here, and the day he returned, his flight was rerouted and he was delayed over three hours because of another doozy of a storm.
So we took pictures.  
 With the whole family back together, we moved effortlessly into the last few weeks at home before heading off to Montana for a month.
We enjoyed some time with friends...
 Caderyn had his final swim meet of the year until the new season starts up. He did AMAZING. He broke all three of his personal records in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke and AND he was placed in a preteen relay where he swam with a ten, eleven, and twelve year old.
I mean really!?! He's seven!! We were so proud.
 The last weekend we were in town, we did a mom camping trip with our boys. It was the first time camping alone for both of us and other than forgetting a few food products and trying to set up our tents in the middle of a thunderstorm (thanks Husband!) we did pretty good and most importantly, the kids had fun.
Look at that there fire!
 S'more hands!

Back home from camping we were gearing up for our big summer trip back home.
I took a break from packing and took Lucy on a little walk and I nearly stepped on this adorable and brand-new fawn. Lucy didn't even notice or catch with of this baby! They are so cute, too bad they grow up to be pests.  
 And most of you know, my dog is the smartest crayon in the box.

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