Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Caderyn had a sports camp the week we got back from Phoenix, so that helped fill our summer days. Once that camp was over and the husband was officially in Poland for the month I had to start getting creative. So, what do I do? I take my kids to the zoo. That's my go-to thing. I love our zoo and the kids do too.
Caderyn picked out his outfit for the day. I had to seriously bite my lip and just let it be.
Yep. It was hot and sunny, so we are the family that brought an umbrella.
Three lion cubs were born last year and the day we went was the first day they were allowed out with both parents. It was a little crowded and the Dad wasn't too pleased that they were all up in his business. Here he is staring down one of his cubs that tried to steal a bone. It was tense for a minute. 
Such a naughty child.
Emu emu, I see you.
Gibby don't care.
I love this tiger. Since we went to the zoo this last time, this tiger passed away.
Lounging like a boss.
This big guy was having a good time kissing the glass and making little kids giggle. 
And fin.

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