Monday, August 8, 2016


With our birthdays, we do a party every other year- on a year our boys turn an odd number. So, for example, Caderyn turned seven this year, this was his party year. Gabriel turned four, this was not supposed to be a party year. We were the highest bidders at a school auction for a character party--so of course we had to have a party. For weeks, nae, months Gibby has talked nearly every day about his birthday and a party. He wanted his moment of glory, and oh boy, did he get it.
Ladies and gents, I now present to you: A Batman party.
The morning of the party dawned sunny and h-o-t, but that didn't stop our birthday boy.
He was up with the birds and ready to go.
We scheduled an afternoon party so everything would be ready. Every time some new decoration went up he would exclaim with excitement and jump around or run to tell his brother.
Except when he realized he needed to go potty (hence the sour look below).
Welcome to the Bat Cave.
I actually had a lot of fun with this and wouldn't you know it I forgot to take pictures of my details that I worked so hard on. I'd cut out a bunch of construction paper bats- like about 75- and they were all over the house. I'd made an obstacle course with buildings and bad guys all over the back yard and the food-the only picture I remembered to take- was Batman themed. We had Posion Ivy Pizza, Penguins Fish Treats and Worms (fish crackers and pretzels), Joker Juice, Riddler Roll Ups (PBandJ tortilla rolls), Mr. Freeze Ice Cream, Catwoman Cookies, and Dark Knight Delectables.  
Once everyone arrived we had an obstacle course game. Again, no pictures (yay me!). But each kid got a can of silly string and they had to run and jump over these boxes I had made to look like buildings and then they went to eight different locations around the yard where Batman bad guys were hung up. They had to shoot each bad guy with silly string and then run over to a tree where I (or Mr. Freeze) had frozen Batman and Robin in a giant block of ice. Using squirt guns they had to try and unfreeze them. It was really cute and crazy.
Once the obstacle course was over we had food and treats before the guest of honor BATMAN came to the party. The company we used was fantastic, the Batman was dead on and stayed in character the entire time despite it being 95 degrees with heavy humidity. He had the kids outside playing Mr. Freeze Tag and they did all sorts of fun little things. I would highly recommend having a character come to your party!
These girls crack me up.
And thus ended the birthday celebrations.

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