Monday, August 1, 2016


Well well well. We meet again mes amis. So I'm back after being off the grid in MONTANA for a whole month. One whole glorious month. It was so hard to come back home after that trip, but it also feels good to be back, you know?
Being that I've been gone for a month, I haven't been checking up on the ole bliggety blog and didn't realize my last post before I left for Montana didn't actually post.
So let's take a trip back to the beginning of summer (again) to Arizona. I know, I know y'all are probably thinking "This again?" but you'll just have to DEAL.
Here's the post that was supposed to post the last day of June but didn't:

People! These are the last of my AZ trip. I'm trying ever so hard to get you caught up to present day before I scoot off the grid for a month.
My trip to Arizona was coming to a close, but that didn't mean the fun was close to ending. I joined my mom's card group for a rowdy game of Tripoli. I really like that game! I've decided I'm going to have my own Tripoli game and organize a couples game night. It's coming. I promise.

 I treated my parents and good friend Nicole to a showing of Rock of Ages and the dinner theater near us. I love that place. The food is amazing and the show was awesome. We laughed and sang for about three hours. 
This guy was my favorite character and because he made me laugh so much I had to get a picture with him. 
And then we celebrated Mister Gibby's birthday a little early since my parents wouldn't be able to make it to town for the party. We swam, watched a movie, and had a delicious treat.
And the we headed back home the next day.

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