Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 As we neared the start of the school season, summer seemed stretch her days just for us.
We kept things low key, but fun.
Like taking a trip to the splash fountain.
Proof that I was there.
We played in the water until the storm rolled in. I tell ya, this place gets some crazy storms.
Just sitting under my Spiderman umbrella avoiding the harsh rays of the sun.
A little bit of rainbow after the storm.
I got to go out with a friend to The Rabbit Hole and try some delicious food and drinks. This one was called The White Rabbit and it was served with a flaming marshmallow. 
Caderyn and a friend started a lemonade stand and made $40. Whoa! After that Caderyn wanted to do a lemonade stand every weekend.
The Olympics started and the boys actually liked watching the events. We were glued to our television every night cheering on the athletes.
And, oh those summer nights!
Especially when you can see a storm rolling in off the mountains. 

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