Wednesday, September 21, 2016


 And slowly, so slowly, school started. 
Gibby was the first to go back. He's doing part-day preschool three days a week and that kiddo just loves it. He loves school. He loves his friends. He loves writing letters. He loves his teachers. He loves playing.
 Please note the snarky corgi that literally could not stand to not be included in the picture taking.
 And while Gibby was at school Caderyn devised a business plan.
 And can I just inject here for a moment...
Proud mom moment. This child is now hooked on Harry Potter. 
We let Caderyn read the first three books this summer and, despite a slow start, he quickly devoured them in probably a month. 
So now it's "Harry Potter" this and "Harry Potter that all the time.
 Caderyn's last few days of summer also ticked by, and we made sure to visit the zoo one more time before school started 
Again, I love that zoo.

After our zoo trip, Caderyn had a friend come over and they worked tirelessly to sell their lemonade.
They worked hard for a solid hour and were happy with the fact that they made $8 each.
 The Sunday after, Jeff and I snuck away for a little day date.
We hiked the Seven Bridges Trail and LOVED it. 
We took the little miss (Lucy) along and you would have thought it was the best day ever. 
She got exercise, she played in the water, she peed on everything. 
You could almost hear her shrieks of excitement bouncing around the canyon.
 And now presenting, "Awkward Shots By Sarah"

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Kim said...

This had me smiling straight through. Congrats on all the new steps.