Monday, January 30, 2017


Ello ello! I hopefully have more time this week to get caught up (guaranteeing I don't fall asleep the second I sit down), so I have a goal of getting everything caught up from Christmas this week. I'd also like to do an update on the boys and everything we've been doing. Keep your fingers crossed!
So now we're still at the beginning of December.
The first weekend of December, Caderyn celebrated his first reconciliation. This is one also known as the Sacrament of Confession. Where you sit with a priest and confess your sins. We were so proud of Caderyn and even the Husband and I took part in the confessions (it had been over 15 years since my last confession!). And we left the church that day feeling light and at peace. So what better to keep that feeling going than gorging yourself with a delicious breakfast?! We treated the boys to breakfast at Over Easy to celebrate our buddy's big day.
 Lucille Francine enjoyed the mild winter weather we were having and made herself a nest that she wouldn't move from the entire day until threatened with pain of death (kidding).
 The build up to reconciliation had been ongoing for most of the Fall, so once we had that behind us, it became time to focus on the Christmas season.
Having had such a good experience last year, we again attended the Tree Lighting Ceremony on post. It was fun and there were lots of activities for the kids to do.
 Santa came in through the ceiling again and ended up getting his beard stuck in his repel gear for about five minutes. That was interesting and we kept trying to occupy the boys and distract them in case the beard came off. Yikes! Thankfully it didn't and Santa made it down safely.
Reindeer, stagecoach rides, and twinkly lights!
And once we were home, we put the finishing touches on our tree, and then had a lighting ceremony of our own.  
Cheers! Wish me luck as I attempt to get y'all caught up this week!

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cara said...

Lucy just loves the outdoors. Her nest is cool. You all had fun.