Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Ugh. This post is sooooooooooo last year. 
Well hello there friends! Miss me? We have been busy over here in the mountains. We had lots of Christmas fun, a broken phone, a new job (more later), and so so many adventures. 
The blog took a back seat. And that's okay. I needed that time with my family. 
But now I'm going to try and catch you up. 
So...I think I left off with our military ball. 
After the fun of the ball we settled into fun with family. My husband's parents, his sister and her two daughters were here visiting. It was chilly but we did our best to keep everyone moving. 
One of our big outings was to the zoo. Oh our zoo. I love our zoo. This zoo will always have a special place in my heart.
I got lots of good snuggle time in with my newest niece. She helped me put away laundry...and then she spit up on my bed. Very helpful!

Caderyn enjoyed spending time with his newest cousins. He loved holding her.
Our Thanksgiving was a little different this year. My sister-in-law and the girls left the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Once they were safely on their way we headed on post to have a Thanksgiving meal with the soldiers (just a day early). Oh man. That meal was amazing.
Caderyn's  buddy got to come with us. They mostly ate cookies.
Gibby was content with a peanut butter and jelly sammie.  

Lucy started limping a few days before Thanksgiving. She had done this before and then it would get better after a day or two--like she'd pulled a muscle--but this one wasn't getting better. So in she went to the vet. Three more visits, x-rays and a heck of a lotta money later she's still limping and we have no idea why. Poor Goose. She's going back to another vet next week.
Thanksgiving day arrived. I will be completely honest with you. The thought of cooking Thanksgiving dinner terrifies me. The turkey and the cooking and the timing everything so its warm just feels so overwhelming. So instead, since we'd eaten a huge Thanksgiving meal with the soldiers the day before, I made a gigantic brunch. 
I may never ever cook a Thanksgiving dinner. Ever. 
Brunch was so much better. Plus, we had basically the rest of the day to chill. We went and played football with some friends and then we went to see Moana. We pretty much had the whole theater to ourselves. After that I slipped away and did some shopping.
On the menu:
Farmer's Breakfast Bake
Cinnamon Roll Casserole
Biscuits and Gravy (Regular) and Chocolate Gravy
Fruit, Muffins, and hash browns. 
And then Lucille cost us more money by having two teeth removed. She was so miserable and drugged up.Poor baby.
And then slowly but surely, Christmas started to make its way into our house.
More to come!

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cara said...

Your newest niece is cuuute.