Thursday, February 2, 2017


We've had a really mild winter so far over here in the C-O. It's been cool, but there hasn't been a lot of snow. Just wind and that winter sunshine that never truly warms you but creates enough light to lift those winter drolls.
As you know, Lucy is a slave to the sunshine.
We've had people walk up to our door and ask us if she's okay because she looks like that. Yes, she's okay, she's just a corgi.
And that is how her royal highness responds when you call her name. Oh, what's that? You want me? Well too bad.

We had a few fun activities scheduled with friends over the holidays. One of those activities included making Gingerbread Houses aka Lots of Little Boys Eating All the Sugar. Although, Gibby and his buddies took the building much more seriously than the older boys.

And we're back to Lucy. Her paw is still injured. It's been a long and frustrating process. She is going back to the vet today actually to get fitted for a brace. It looks like a boot someone has to wear when they've broken their foot. But, she spent lots of time lounging and trying to stay off the injured paw (the lounging part comes so naturally for her). Her favorite place is atop her blanket that sits in front of a roaring fire.
Knowing the craziness of the crowds last year, I braved the Zoo's Electric Circus by myself this year. It was chilly, but really a good night.
The boys enjoyed it.
You can't quite tell by the picture, but that is TOTALLY my DONE face. 
And we were done. It was a good night.

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cara said...

Lucy obviously loves sunbathing. No vitmin D deficiency there.