Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Our New Year arrived without snow, but it was a bit chilly at times. We've had one good bout of snow since December and that's it. Makes me a little nervous for summer. But the nights have been chilly, so we've put our fireplace to good use. And so has Lucy. She loves settling herself right in front of it.
Caderyn likes settling himself right in front of it too with his giant little boy feet.
 Our January was fairly uneventful- which is good. We stayed close to home and enjoyed being together. 
Gibby loves building Legos now, he makes a frightful mess of everything, but he loves building  and then describing to you what he's built. He goes over every little individual piece and what it does. Sometimes my eyes glaze over, but for the most part I get what he's telling me.
More Lucy.
More Lego building.
 We ventured out and took the boys ice skating for the first time. Caderyn enjoyed it, Gabriel enjoyed whining.  
Gabriel has really come into his own as the "stubborn child," and its so tiring, but also...look at that face. Look at that adorable face. 

FLASHBACK! And now some pictures that I'd lost, but recently rediscovered from my parents' trip here in October.

And now, back to Lucy.

And now back to ice skating. We've gone a couple more times this year.   
Sometime in November we noticed Lucy was limping and her paw looked funny. We took many trips to the vet with no luck until finally I sought out another vet for a second opinion and discovered she has a torn wrist ligament. Apart from surgery, the only thing we can go is wrap it. They tried casting it, but with her stumpy legs and stubborn nature, it didn't last long. So we purchased her a brace. She wears that and it helps.
 And Gibby, oh Gibby. Day in and day out, all we hear is "When will it be my first day of school?" "When will it be my birthday?" We hear it at least five times a day. Cute little stinker.
 And back to Lucy.
 And let's not forget Caderyn.
 And back to ole' peg leg.
 We fell back into our swim schedule. Caderyn had a great January-March in swimming. He got moved up a level with his swim club--more on that later. It's been a really great year with swimming because we've been doing it for over a year now, and we have now made some good friends that help make the long morning and days of the meet pass quickly.
 And now one more of ole' peg.