Monday, August 21, 2017


The end of the school year quickly approached. Both boys wrapped up another season of soccer. Cadern has had THE BEST coach for the past year. We are sad he won't be coaching again this year, but are very thankful for everything he taught Caderyn. Their team had a nice little get together at the end of season, and his coach had some really nice words for our guy. 
 And all of the sudden it was the last day of school. It was a little hectic this year. The Husband and I had a ball to attend the same day and I made the mistake of overbooking myself on a couple of appointments and other commitments...but we made it through the day unscathed. 
The boys were very happy the summer vacation had arrived. 
 Caderyn had a phenomenal teacher for second grade! She was a huge supporter of him and it was wonderful to watch him grow socially and academically all year. 
 Gibby also adored her.  
 And while the boys were finishing up school, I got my hair and makeup done. A very rare thing. I was pretty happy with how it turned out this time. Much different from the winter ball we had to attend. I had a much better outcome with this gussy-ing up. 
Checking out the makeup on my phone camera. After I take these photos I send them to my mom and ask her opinion. Oh yeah, I'm that cool. 
And then...dun dun dun...THE FINAL PRODUCT.  
This was probably my favorite of the two recent events we've been to. I've loved my dresses, but I particularly loved this one. It was really fun and different and unlike anything else anyone wore.  
 After dinner, a drink or two, and some good dancing, we made our way home and I slowly took the 65 bobby pins out of my hair. 

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