Friday, August 25, 2017


And just like that we dove into our summer. We had a few lazy days here and there, but for the most part we hit the ground running and tried to do as much as possible. 
Lucy enjoyed the air conditioning.  
Caderyn had a sleep over with a buddy and they played games.  
We started the farewell process for our wonderful friend Brittany. A small dinner our with some interesting cupcakes. Hey, at least the Italian food was amazing.
I came home that night to find my two goofs sleeping like this.  
We scooted up to Denver for a museum day.  
 The boys were signed up for a couple weeks of sport camps. It was a blast! They would come home SO tired! 
We snuck up to Denver again for a Casa Bonita trip. 
Oh man. What an experience. The food isn't good, but the experience is hilarious and fun.  
And thus our summer of 2017 had started. 

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