Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Gibby's birthday weekend was hectic but fun. We had his party on a Friday because my Dad and his bagpipe band (yep) were competing in the Celtic Festival. So that took up the majority of our weekend. 
We also started to have beautiful and warm weather. The baby deer starting making their appearances in our area.
My Dad's band did really great in their placements and sounded wonderful. It was a hot weekend, but it was a lot of fun. My aunt and cousin and her two boys were in town from a Denver conference for the day. So it was nice to see them!
My Dad's band placed first!

After the Celtic Festival, we got the boys ready to head up to Montana with my parents. My mom and dad wanted to take the boys for two weeks until Husband and I were able to join them for our vacation. It was glorious and fun for all. I know the boys had a wonderful time. Husband and I had a nice date week and then I had a friend come in to town for a girls weekend.

Girls weekend pictures are up next!

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