Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Gabriel's 5th birthday FINALLY arrived. After probably a year of asking when his birthday was, the big day finally arrived.
He was SO excited. We had a home party this year and the theme was- BATMAN. Duh. Did you think it would be anything else? I tried. I tried to convince him, but he wouldn't have it any other way. So the party day arrived and he was ready. We started the morning with a few pictures before letting him open a few presents.
I had to scoot off to work but my parents were here for the celebration and while the boys went to their sports camp, my mom and dad helped transform the house into the Batcave. 
We taped Batman bad-guys to different colored balloons and then let the boys run around the back with squirt guns shooting at them.
Party ready!
We had a great group of little boys come for the celebration. They had a blast doing the obstacle course. They saved Gotham City by diffusing the bombs, they had treats and cake, and then we ad a piƱata...which was then followed by a huge water fight. Perfect because it was SO hot and humid.
And of course Jeff fell asleep.
Lucy too.
My dad got in on the big water fight at the end. 
Funny story. This isn't the cake I ordered. But you work with what you've got, right?
After dinner we lost my dad and Jeff to different events. So my mom and I just relaxed and then decided to take the boys out to dinner at Red Robin. Gibby was still going a million miles and hour and then he crashed SO hard at dinner.
All in all, another great birthday.

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