Friday, September 21, 2018


Ladies and gents.
We have moved.

At the end of the school year this past May we were left in limbo. Husband was at school until September and was told we wouldn't find out our next home until sometime in May, but maybe June, but probably July, more than likely August...that's how the Army does it.

With limbo looming we were told to pack up, our stuff was going to be in storage, and to just kind of figure the rest out.
So we were packed out, our stuff was shipped to somewhere in Kansas, and the boys and I set out on another great Montana summer adventure.
It was fun, it was stressful, it was a blast, it was tiring. And then FINALLY we got word that we had orders to NY. Not like concrete jungle NY, upstate NY-- only 30 miles from the Canadian border!
Once we knew where we were going, it felt like things took forever to be finalized and then just like that it was happening too quickly.
We had a trailer rented, the car was loaded, my dad flew in to help with the trek and we were on the road for a 4-day, 8 states, 1 out of country trek (Canada) road trip. We called a complaint line on a RUDE taxi driver in Chicago, stopped at Niagra Falls and were introduced to Tim Horton's (AH-MAZING). All this before blasting into a very humid upstate New York. Shortly after we discovered our household goods were NOT arriving as scheduled (oh lawd, another story for another day). So air mattresses and the bare essentials were purchased (hopefully to be reimbursed) and we set about living in an empty house for near three weeks. Sidebar: considering the state of my house at the moment I kind of miss the empty.

School started to mixed reviews from my boys who miss their old school, their old friends. I started a full time job as well as a part-time job on the side (I'm never one to shy away from busy!).
And just like that we're moving into a routine, trying to meet people, getting our house set up (because it took three DANG weeks to get our stuff), and explore a new area. Time feels like it's moving so slowly but also churning past at rapid speed.

We're New Yorkers!

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