Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Now that I'm slowly easing myself back into this bliggety blog, I've been trying to figure out where to update you and get a little overwhelmed looking back a year ago through pictures and trying to figure out how to explain or not to explain what was going on in our lives. So, to heck with it.
I'm just going to start updating you backwards-ish.
We are doing good. Busy, but good. Still settling and figuring out our new home. The boys are liking school a little more and we are working to get them involved in a good activity routine. I've started kickboxing (and having my muscles cry) again and that to me is huge. I need that disconnect where I don't have to think about anything. Husband and I are both working full-time and adjusting to being together again.
So that is a rough summary of us.
Now for some photos:
 The beginning of October we took the boys to the Syracuse Zoo. We ate at a pizza place that was thebomb.com and then we went to Costco (that's the closest one to me and I refuse to give up my membership). 
 It only took me a year but I finally got my hair cut. It felt so good. 
 And it was also a rough week at work so I treated myself to a glass of wine.
 Gibby's school had a prayer service that he got to be a part of. He thought he was Mr. Important. 
 Fridays y'all. Fridays are pizza and a movie night and then we all CRASH hard. 
See the example below. 
 The East Coast fall is pretty freaking gorgeous. I'm bummed we haven't been able to take a trip into the most notable foliage areas, but what I've seen here is pretty dang lovely. 
 Tim Horton's EVERY Friday keeps me sane. 
Last weekend we took the boys to a Harvest Festival. It was cute. Small, but cute and there was a great park for the boys to play at. They also got to see a porcupine.  
 And then, you know, just yoru average Monday driving through town in rainy weather next to the horse drawn buggy. Just a quick reminder that we're in Amish country. 
Peace out yo. Have a great week. 

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