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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you like it, I sure do. So, here's what you need to know: I’m a mom and wife from Montana with two energetic sons. I love to read, I have red hair (this makes me a majestic unicorn!), and I am of Scottish descent. I like to eat cupcakes and to counter that I enjoy working out. Earrings are my staple accessory and I love champagne. I'm sarcastic and honest. My goal every day to to be sincere and make people laugh.


Jeff is that guy in the picture with me. I met him when I was 18 at a journalism school (J-School what what?!) party and we were married in 2007. I was 22 and he was 24 when we got hitched, so by today's standards we were married young. We are now coming up on our seventh year of marriage. We have learned a lot about each other these last seven years. It has taken patience, persistence, communication, and some guidance, but we are still going strong. I'm still convinced he's the guy for me and he is one of my biggest champions in encouraging me to write. Jeff just completed ROTC at the University of Montana and is now a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. He also received his MBA. Before doing all of this he was a sports and business writer at our local paper for six years.


My oldest son is Caderyn. His name is pronounced "Kay-Drin," this is Welsh for "battle-ruler." This guy doesn't miss a thing.
He was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome (TS) in 2013 and struggles daily with different tics. Tourette's Syndrome is kind of like a roller coaster, one week you don't notice anything with Caderyn and everything is smooth sailing. The next week you notice things are starting to build and his tics are coming on stronger and then all of the sudden they are in full force and he's upset because he can't control what's happening and sometimes the repetitive motions and sounds exhaust him. Those times are rough, but he is a tough little guy and he teaches me something new everyday.
Caderyn has stars and wonder in his eyes. He loves coloring and art projects. He is obsessed with all things superhero and Lego. He loves holidays and spending time with family--especially his grandparents.  He is a procrastinator. He is goofy. He is witty. He is smart.  He is my buddy.


My youngest is Gabriel, but we call him "Gibby". In May 2013 Gabriel was diagnosed with Autism Broad Spectrum Disorder. He was extremely delayed in all areas. Since that diagnosis and multiple therapies each week (PT, OT, Speech, etc), we have seen Gibby crawl and just recently WALK! Both our neurologist and pediatrician are stumped as of the true reason for his delay, and change their thoughts on his diagnosis frequently. We think Gibby just needs a little extra push to get where he wants to go.  We continue to work with both Gabriel and his brother on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to get them the help they need.
Gabriel LOVES to eat and has curly blonde hair for days. He's kind of like a little dreamy surfer dude. He loves sucking on his fingers and playing with his big brother. He loves having your attention and pointing at different objects to keep you entertained. He likes music and follows his Daddy around like a shadow the second he sets foot in the door.


I have a corgi named Lucy. She has a variety of names in our home: Lucious, Lucious Malfoy (an HP reference? Oh no!), Lucifer (for when she's naughty), Lucious von Goosenstein, Doggins, Princess Flufflepuff. The list goes on. She loves attention and going for walks. Squirrels are her nemesis. She is like the T-Rex of dogs and thinks she is much bigger than her 1 1/2 foot height (the 1/2 is for the ears). She licks feet and chases deer.

By the way, the photo to the right pretty much sums up our relationship. I'm weird, and she goes along with it. It's standard practice to be a part of this family. This photo happened one night after some wine, laughter and a shared love of awkward pet photos. We threw in an ugly sweater, some Photoshop, and the cutest corgi in THE WORLD.

Everything Else

So, for review, here is everything you need to know about me:
  1. My name is Sarah.
  2. I have red hair.
  3. I'm sarcastically silly. 
  4. I live in Montana.
  5. I love my family, including my dog. 
  6. I'm random. 
  7. 7. I like to use weird words like "Huzzah!"

One more thing...

Special thanks to my good friend Lisa Kunkel of Lisa Kunkel Photography for all the great photos. She's the best.

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